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August 2016 - New web-site coming soon
New web-site coming soon. With continued growth, constant product enhancements .... more
August 2016 - Farnham Town Under 11s Sponsor
In addition to supporting local charities and community events, PRD Technologies Ltd are proud new sponsors of Farnham Town Under 11s.... more
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Welcome to PRD Technologies
We provide data processing software solutions. As long as there is a data source and your requirements can be defined, there is little we cannot do. Using 4GL, making even complex configurations relatively simple compared with traditional programming solutions.
Telecoms Billing
We deliver pre-configured billing systems and carrier grade bespoke solutions. Suitable for start-ups to large SMEs and carrier grade operators. Processing several hundred transactions per month, up-to many millions per day - effortlessly. Voice, VOIP, data, mobile, content, SIMS, white labelling, non-usage etc.
Business and Data Processing
Virtually any processing requirement can be configured, in real time and near infinitely scalable through the development of an advanced fail safe distributed parallel processing systems.
Toolset Technology
Alternatively, we can provide you with the toolsets and business rules enabling you to configure and maintain your own solutions - an option chosen by several global carriers and business integrators.
Leading SME reseller platform. All advanced functions included as standard. Free customisation. Lowest rentals. Sited or bureau.