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Our Story
PRD has been involved with real-time high volume data processing, billing, rating and telecom related software development and implementations since the early 1990s.

Initially, the company developed high volume mass data processing systems through the development of "JETNET". A fail-safe distributed parallel processing system where extremely high workloads and tasks are distributed across PCs within a network.  If a PC reaches capacity or fails, workloads are automatically redistributed to other PCs. Even today, this product is quite unique and advanced. 

This progressed into highly modulated billing and rating related software, capable of processing near unlimited volumes of data. Limited only by the hardware available, the software has been benchmarked to process nearly five hundred million records within a 14-hour window.

In 1998, a UK company was established, Paradigm Research & Development Ltd, or PRD for short. This coincided with increased new customer activities in UK, mainland Europe and North America.

In 1998, PRD entered into a joint partnership with KPN Royal Dutch Telecom (national carrier in the Netherlands) for market leading billing R&D collaboration.

In 2005, following a restructuring and operating as a single UK entity, Paradigm Research and Development Corporation Ltd changed its name to PRD Technologies Ltd.

PRD launched QuickStart Billing; an easily configurable reseller-billing platform developed using carrier-grade technology from 16 years development experience, customer care and feedback. QuickStart Billing is suitable for start-ups processing several hundred calls per month, to large SMEs’ processing many millions per day.  Even the most advanced features come as standard. When combined with our friendly support team, our customers say QuickStart Billing is probably the best SME telecom billing solutions available.