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The Concept of Jetnet and Parallel Distributed Processing

Jetnet is a method of distributing jobs or operations (tasks) across a network. For applications whose task or sub-tasks are logically independent of each other, many tasks can be performed concurrently. Such a scheme is referred to as parallel processing.

Jetnet utilises spare "processor time" by distributing operations to machines that are under-utilised. This effectively creates a single, powerful, parallel processing computer by combining the power of a group of machines.

The Jetnet system removes the complexity of parallel processing from the developer. Writing a parallel processing application using Jetnet is no more difficult than writing a conventional application.

What it Means to Distribute Tasks

In addition to allowing the same business application to operate across a variety of platforms ‘JETNET’ also supports distributed parallel processing across networked machines. This permits the collaboration of a set of PCs and/or UNIX machines, or a mixture of both, to contribute to a single processing load.

As a business expands and outgrows the operational capacity of the system increasing the number and/or power of the machines can accommodate the additional requirement. This can be accomplished without any changes to the application.

However, the products can also be operated using a single machine only.

While over 100 million billing records a day are routinely processed on PCs, PRD's products have the scalability to inexpensively meet processing needs ranging from very small start ups to the largest global businesses.
The use of multiple machines also enhances the fault tolerance of the system. Should a failure occur in one or more of the multiple hardware components the overall system will continue to function with other parts of the system continuing the processing and absorbing the effect of the failure.

JETNET is provided as an integral part of PRD's products with no separate license fees payable.