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Intelligent Cost Routing Software
Least Cost Routing (LCR) software is part of the same technology toolset as Converse Collection. LCR can be quickly and efficiently modified to fit your specific requirements. It is highly configurable and flexible.

LCR is an application that enables, for example, telephone calls to be ‘held’ by the telephone switch while the application performs the following:

  • Collects and validates the call information
  • Translates the number into a new destination number (number portability)
  • Determines the least-cost route for the call
  • Transfers this information back to the switch
  • The switch can connect calls to the least cost networks and routes.

The data is processed and a response provided back to the data source – for example a telephone switch - within approximately 2 milliseconds.

LCR can collect any forms of data, such as credit information on customers using mobiles to download games etc. It can check to assess customer credit worthiness, remaining pre-paid time,  send message to mobiles informing users pre-paid time remaining etc 

LCR key features includes:

  • Data Collection (CDR Polling)
  • TCP/IP interface to the switch
  • Validation and Least Cost Call Routing processing
  • User GUI