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PRD has developed an extensive set of business solutions and products.

Although the underlying PRD toolsets can be used to create virtually any business processing requirements - from simple re-occurring transactions to very highly complex requirements, our generic products includes: 

QuickStart Billing
Pre-configured reseller Billing Platform, allowing for customisation to meet your exact resellers billing requirements. All advanced features come as standard.

Bespoke Billing
A fully integrated Rating, Invoicing and Reporting engine. Its flexibility allows it to be configured, customised and scaled to suit the particular requirements for any business size.

Real-Time Collection
Converse collects data from, and interacts with, any network element in real time. It is designed to allow information to be collected from a wide range of data sources in a consistent, controlled, and dependable manner.

Converse is near infinitely scalable using fail safe distributed parallel processing software. Converse is highly configurable. As long as there is a data source and your requirements can be defined, there is little we cannot do.

Intelligent Routing
Enables telephone calls to be ‘held’ by the telephone switch. The application can then validate the call information, translate the number into a new destination number (number portability), determines the least-cost route for the call and then transfers this information back to the switch, including routing calls to the cheapest networks. This is achieved in 2 milli-seconds.

Mediation brings data together from potentially large number of disparate systems. It applies business defined validations and corrections to the data, including enriching and normalisation of the data for distribution to one or many downstream systems. Users includes Tier-One carriers mediating to 300 hundred downstream systems including third party billing and reporting platforms.

In any large business implementations, the application is configured as a bespoke system based on the existing pre-configured generic product. This method guarantees an exact match to your needs and is a rapid and cost effective implementation method. PRD has not yet found a degree of similarity in a large company application profile that is an easy fit for another. For this reason PRD focus on the underlying functionality rather than attempt to create a rigid "package" to market. 

The costs of configuration are lower than conventional customisation and implementation projects. Generally time taken is considerably less.