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About our Technology
PRD has been involved with real-time high volume data processing, billing, rating and telecom related software development and implementations since the early 1990s.

The toolset technology extends the concept of modularity beyond usual expectations. PRD's ‘CE’ (Configuration Editor) and ‘SALE’ (Stream Analyser and Layout Editor) configuration tools allow companies to implement, enhance and grow business applications totally in step with the dynamic business environments in which they operate.

Data models, complex business rules and calculations, reports and queries can be created or changed without recourse to source code alterations.

PRD's Jetnet product allows massive distributed parallel processing, scalability in performance and can operate on a wide choice of platforms, databases, networks and communication protocols.

There were three areas PRD saw development was needed in offering viable solutions to businesses. 

1) Simplicity and flexibility in creating and maintaining processing logic
PRD created tools to enable businesses to directly generate the processing logic for business rules using everyday language. Thus business users, or a third party support team, can directly translate business rules into processing logic without an understanding of programming languages or syntax.

2) Platform and standards independence
PRD introduced an insulating layer between the business application and the growing number of platforms and standards now available to a customer. This layered approach allows the customer to select and subsequently change platforms and standards as required: - a choice driven entirely by the business environment rather than the technology underpinning it. PRD created a product called Jetnet which enables the same business application to run on a variety of different platforms, databases, networks and communication protocols: – all operating on the same platform or on a mixture of platforms coexisting on the same network.

3) Modular ‘mix and match’ capability
PRD created three base technologies that when rules are placed in "rulebooks", can perform any processing tasks in accordance with sets of business rules.

The three base technologies are:

Converse collects data from, and interacts with, any network element in real time.
Converse performs the call validation, least cost routing, number portability, alarm monitoring and usage collection. Current development includes Service Activation and Real Time Fraud detection.

TAPS (Transaction Analysis Processing Systems)
Permits the extraction, validation, correction, summarisation, transformation, enhancement and streaming of billing or other types of transactional data.

TAPS performs the functions of data capture, validation, mediation, rating and error correction before storing or streaming the data to downstream systems. In short, anything you may wish to perform on data and transactions.

NODE (New Object Development Enterprise)
Node delivers complex time-based calculations, aggregation, summarisation, enrichment, reporting and very flexible output-presentation.

NODE is used to deliver billing, associated reports, web delivery, etc and interfaces with any accounting or other external systems.

NODE is extremely powerful and can be used for many purposes outside of billing.