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Why Choose QuickStart?

No Limitations
Voice, VoIP, ISP, IoT, M2M, mobile, subscriptions, ad-hoc, recurring, usage, variable. Any data, rates, frequency, volume, supplier. Supports separate multi carrier charges, prefixes and area codes. Export to any third party systems including accounting and collections.
Fully web-based
We host from multi-million-pound state-of-the-art UK located data centre, using latest hardware. No single point of failure, full resilience & business continuity plans. No hardware or software for you to buy. We take care of everything. All you need is internet access.
Complete Range
We offer a complete set of options to meet virtually any business requirement suitable for start-ups through to national carriers. Out-of-the box to carrier-grade bespoke solutions. Most functionality is covered, anything new we add to our roadmaps.
Business Reporting
Management Dashboard and Reporting. Control and manage your business by maximising use of data and data analytics. Heat maps, profit & loss reporting at customer and product levels, reporting filters. Includes end customer portal at no additional costs.
The choice is yours, every option available. Self-Managed systems, bureau billing, outsourced, fully managed, automated. Other services includes overseas billing, Mediation, Wholesale, Interconnect billing, LCR, Toolset developers licenses.
Other Sectors
Predominantly telecoms focused, QuickStart can support utilities, water, PPA (solar power purchase agreement) billing. Targeted web advertisers, App developers, internet gaming, publishing and much more. Demonstrates the power & flexibility of QuickStart.
Maximise your competitive edge
About QuickStart

QuickStart - inspiring telecoms

PRD has steadily grown to become one of the UKs most respected and flexible billing partners providing solutions for every requirement. 

Escape any limitations with your billing to meet your own business and customer requirements today and in the future.

We have created the highest standards in billing applications and customer care, focusing on product development to ensure our customers get what they want. Your business should not be compromised. Billing should be forefront of your customer growth and product innovations.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise - best endeavours

Our expertise is developing and deploying billing systems in an efficient and cost effective manner. We understand the need for tight budgetary constraints prevalent today, the need to be fair and equitable in all our dealings. To deliver what the customer wants and more.

Our customers are some of the most respected and high profile names in the telecommunications industry. Our customer care and support teams treat all our customers equally. We are equally proud of them all.

Nearly all customer projects ever requested have been achieved. Nearly every project and implementation has been delivered on time, on budget with the required features. Compare this with the PMI's 2016 survey, their finding concluded only 49% of projects succeed (on time, on budget with the required features). That means a whopping 51% fail to some degree. Not ours.


Support - our priority is you

Our Support Teams are available at any time to discuss any concerns, providing guidance, training and assistance when needed. We are here for you every step of the way.

Billing is important to you, in most cases we strive to deal with your queries immediately, there should be no billing delays. We have support teams you can talk with, for all our customers as a standard service. 

We have invested many millions on product development, our back office teams will not compromise. 

We look at ourselves through the eyes of our customers. Customers expect so much more from their billing partners than ever before. Not only in terms of providing functionality but in customer care too, a key ingredient, one we never overlook. 

Reputation. Variety. Integrity.