About PRD (Paradigm R&D)

Our objectives are simple, to give customers ultimate freedom of choice, with zero or minimal limitations and to maximise return on investment. Not to find customers for our products, but to create products and solutions for our customers.


Paradigm Research & Development

Our origins go back to 1992, as Paradigm Research & Development (PRD), developing and deploying carrier-grade high volume data processing systems.

This evolved into Interconnect solutions for Energis Communications (now Vodafone) and Eircom in the late 1990s, eventually diversifying into mainstream and custom billing systems following the introduction of QuickStart Billing in the 2000's.

Our solutions are used in over 150 corporations in the UK, but also in mainland Europe, South Africa, North America and elsewhere. Processing over 3 billion data records every month effortlessly, built on over 25 years of billing and data processing experience.  We remain one of the few independent telecom billing vendors.



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Our technology and product innovations are constantly moving forward.

Developed using our own fourth-generation programming language, written in pseudo English, expediting developments and changes in a more cost and time efficient manner than systems based on traditional programming languages.   

We have developed a fail safe parallel distribution application, ensuring virtually unlimited processing volumes. For one customer alone, this was successfully tested to process 450 million call records per day. 

We listen to what our customers want and respond to market demand. Whether you are a one person owner manager or a large corporation. Your opinions are important to us.

Many millions have been invested in research & development and product development to ensure our solutions remain market leading.  We have technical and product roadmaps, constantly striving to improve. This is why customer feedback is important to us.  Applying best endeavours to meet every customer request where possible. 



As a matter of policy, we have no exclusive arrangements with any one supplier, any third party systems, services and providers.  This ensures total freedom of choice and flexibility for our customers, an unbiased approach.

We can process any data from any supplier or multiple suppliers of choice. We support them all. Anyone new we simply add new loaders to ensure it is supported within QuickStart. No limitations, no restrictions and no costs on our customers, all covered under our own development and R&D budgets. Our independence allows us to work with anyone.

In most cases, we automatically import CDR and EDR data through ftp at any frequency. This means you don’t have to do anything other than check your data. Alternatively, CDR data can be imported with a single click. We try and make your billing as easy as possible.


API and integration

We provide a range of integration and API services.

We can integrate and export into all recognised accounting, direct debiting collection systems and others.

We support most of them. Our development team simply add anyone new our customers come across. 

Exporting capabilities is a standard feature across our entire QuickStart product range. Once billing is complete, the final process is usually exporting billing data into your other systems. No duplication of entry.  This is either through CSV (a few clicks) or through APIs.

Below are just a few of the systems QuickStart currently integrates with....



We place a high value on our customers, working together striving to achieve the best we can. 

As a matter of policy we do not employ direct sales staff, we do not make cold calls, we do not enter awards, instead preferring our customers to make their own judgements. This ensures our primary focus is our customers, providing quality products and services.  

However, we welcome new opportunities and new partnerships. Most customer growth is through recommendations and referrals, but occasionally we attend industry events. This steady considered approach has seen us grow year on year. This is reflected in our diverse and loyal customer base.