Just wanted to say thanks for your help setting up the first proper bill run and to give you some feedback on one of your staff members that has been helping me. I have been dealing with (name removed), he has been absolutely brilliant at helping me with all my queries and questions, even the repeat ones I was asking. 

Just wanted to say we have been really impressed with your firm since we started working together, never pushy and always there to help. Many Thanks. 

Managing Director, Crystal Clear Telecom Ltd


I would like to say a big thank you to (name removed), he has gone out of his way to deliver an exceptional level of service. I am aware that our bill runs are causing a large number of additional hours at the wrong time of the day and weekends, it is great to know that he has always been on the end of the phone.

Please let him know that he is shining example of “Going the Extra Mile” and delivering “Customer Service of the highest level."

Finance Director. Inclarity


WOW! That was incredibly quick – THANK YOU  you are a super star! I have added the staff names and look forward to the April calls billing run in May. 

Thank you also (name removed) for arranging this, we really appreciate the great service from PRD that you provide. 

Best wishes to all the team. THANK YOU. 

Director, Biz VoIP


Brilliant can't fault you. I will never leave as long as I am doing telecoms you will be my billing provider.

I really appreciate what you have done for me here, I don’t know any other company that would help it's usually pay up or b***er off.

Its all my own fault as I should have looked in to billing before signing up with (providers removed), I don’t think you understand fully what a mess you have just pulled me out of, thank you so much.

Director, CTR Services Limited