Although our origins go back to the early 1990s, QuickStart was launched as a modular scalable solution offering an alternative billing option for telecom resellers.


Features and functions were added to enable QuickStart to support multi-currencies and languages, ensuring full suitability for predominantly European markets. Customers in the Netherlands and France were added to our QuickStart portfolio.


Launched GO, suitable for start-ups and smaller resellers. Simplifying the billing processes allowing resellers more control and freedom, including option to shelf-manage their billing (with our support and training) at significantly reduced costs, zero set-up costs and no minimum contract periods.

The objective of GO was to create a platform for billing to be achieved in a FIVE CLICK process. This was delivered with great success.


Word quickly got around, features where constantly added to ensure feature rich systems high in functionality including automations where possible with near real-time CDR collections and reporting.

We acquired Face Value Ltd, an established mature billing vendor. We successfully integrated their support staff and commenced the process of transferring their customer base across to QuickStart Billing.


We initiated a major development effort to create a new generation of web-based solutions, systems accessible anytime from virtually any devise. We believe we were the first billing vendor to launch full web-based solutions, moving away from RDP.

Detailed Dashboard and Management & Financial reporting, detailed heat maps and integrations into multi third party accounting and direct debit systems available as standard features.

White-labelling functionality added, allowing carriers, wholesalers and larger reseller customers to bill on behalf of other resellers.


Finalists for the most innovative new UK cloud-based product. As a matter of policy, we don’t generally enter awards, preferring our customers to judge us for themselves.

We officially launched our full product range of GO, PLUS, PRO and CUSTOM all with incremental functionality. This ensured suitability for businesses small and large across the entire market.

Our new launch coincided with additional functionality, improved user interface and advanced call costing & end-customer analytics portal as standard features at no additional customer cost.


Options available to host from a multi-million pound remote full state-of-the-art data centre facility that offers resilient infrastructure with no single point of failure, providing stringent security, controlled environmental conditions, clean power, fire prevention and network connectivity. Managed by certified networking security teams with years of experience.


Developed solutions suitable for other industry sectors, including PPA solar energy billing and internet usage billing based on advertisers per click and internet publishing.

Fraud reporting and alerts where added as standard functionality.


Launched a US compliant version meeting extremely complex US tax legislation requirements. Suitable for US resellers or UK based customers with US presence.

Again, this coincided with constant development based on customer and market requirements.
Multi currencies, languages & US tax compliant