Mediation involves the process of bringing data together from potentially large number of disparate systems, applying business defined validations and corrections to the data, possibly enriching and normalisation of the data for distribution to one or many downstream systems.

PRD Mediation allows all data formats for both incoming data and outgoing data to be defined through configuration. Validation, enrichment, normalisation and output destination rules are applied at various stages of the process, allowing businesses to configure the system to match the exact requirements of the upstream and downstream systems.

There are no internal limits on the number of input streams or output streams in our Mediation system. All business logic is implemented in rule configuration, making it is possible to extend and modify the system at will within a consistent, reliable, and proven framework.

PRD Mediation can be implemented as a standalone or integrated with PRD Collection on the input side to allow data to be collected from a range of physical devices and/or with a QuickStart Billing system on the output side.

Key Benefits

  • File validation
  • Record unification
  • Record validation
  • Distribution
  • Error handling
  • Auditing
  • Balancing
  • Scheduling
  • Built on Tier 1 Technology
  • Using MS SQL Server / Oracle Server
  • Reporting