Real Time Collection and Data Interaction

PRD's Collection system is called Converse.

Converse collects information from and interacts with network elements or any data sources in real time. Its distributed capability lends itself to data collection at switch points.

Converse is implemented in a distributed topology that allows collection sites to continue even after loss of central services such as the file server or database server. In the latter case when these services come online again the collector sites will resynchronise with the central servers and the data will be processed through centralisation and onto downstream systems. All switches can be set up on their own collection schedule, or combined into a single schedule. Converse Collection key features include: 

  • Gap Detection
  • Corruption Detection
  • Hot backup Collection
  • Central Safe Repository
  • Automatic Collection Error Management (ACEM)
  • Reporting (see list below)
  • Multiple Switch Types
  • Multiple Transfer Protocols
  • Near Infinitely Scalable
  • Full client Server
  • Scheduling
  • Uses MS SQL Server / Oracle Server