Toolset. Developers Licence

Under a Developers Licence, you can use our toolset technology to configure your own systems and solutions, making your own enhancements, developments and change requests to ensure the systems you have developed evolve with your changing requirements.

Ultimate flexibility is assured through the ‘point and click’ configuration tools used to tailor PRD's products to your exact needs. 

These tools allow virtually any type of business rule to be entered. The rules are held in “rule books” and are readily modifiable to suit changing circumstances. 

The configuration tools also enable the products to be configured to process data from virtually any data source in any format and to stream the resulting output to any third party system. 

Changes that occur in the data received from third party sources can quickly be accommodated.

 We offer full training, back-office support and maintenance to all customers using our Toolset. This includes on-site support to complement your own trained team if required, or on a needs only basis.  

Customers (including tier-ones) have used our Toolset to develop their own billing & reporting requirements, and accounting & performance monitoring solutions.