Custom Solutions

We recognise that not every business requirement can be met by a generic billing system. PRD offers a complete range of services to develop and deliver solutions to your exact needs, ranging from small business requirements to large complex projects for large enterprises.

Our technology is very configurable, proven and trusted at every level, in development since 1992, using 4GL (Fourth Generation Programming Language) written in pseudo English, making developments, change requests and enhancements in a relatively cost effective and efficient manner when compared against traditional programming languages and methods.  It means that virtually any processing and billing requirement can developed. PRD normally offer a fixed price contract based on a time and materials basis. In many cases we do this for free, ensuring our focus is on meeting our customer needs.  

PRD have developed custom solutions for telecoms carriers, wholesale solutions, business integrators and operators to ensure they in turn meet their own processing, billing, reporting and end customer requirements. Some of these customers have been with us from the beginning.  Systems that just work, effortlessly.